Employment Forms

When it comes to running a successful business, your employees are key. We provide hundreds of employment related documents to help you manage and document human resource activities such as interviewing, hiring, firing, policies, procedures, personnel files, and much more!

Employment Policies Package

This Employment Policies Package contains essential policy and procedures forms to help your company ensure a uniform understanding by all employees and help reduce the potential threat of employee grievances. It provides orientation for new hires and serves as a reference manual for the entire company. This package includes the following: 1) Harassment Policy 2) Vacation and Sick Pay Agreement 3) Military Leave Policy 4) Smoking Policy 5) Internet and E-mail Policy 6) Cellphone Policy 7) Your Drug-Free Workplace 8) Equal Employment Opportunity Policy 9) Employee Dress Code Policy 10) Workplace Safety Policy 11) Employee Suggestion Policy.
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Employment Hiring Package

This package contains essential legal documents for employers seeking to hire new employees. The forms included help to protect the employer against costly hiring mistakes, ensure fair hiring...
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Employment Interview Package

This Employment Interview Package contains the essential documents for employer's to use when interviewing potential employees. The documents in this package include the following: 1) Rejection Letter -...
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Employment Law Handbook

This Employment Law Handbook provides an overview of federal laws addressing employer-employee rights and obligations. Information discussed includes wages & hours, discrimination, termination of employment, pension plans and...
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Employee Personnel File Package

This Employee Personnel File Package contains essential personnel forms to help your company ensure accurate record keeping of all personnel issues. The forms included help to protect the...
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Employment Termination Package

This Employment Termination Package contains essential forms to help your company address the issues of turnover and retention, limit the risk of employment litigation, and build a better...
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Search for Executive Employment Agreements

We have a number different state-specific executive employment agreements that address the hiring and tenure of officers, executives, and other key employees....
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